Aerial Drone Photography & Video Rates

Call Jim for at 781-244-5655 CUSTOM QUOTE !

Some projects are more desirable than others!

Quoted rates do not include video editing or prints.  You will be provided with raw video.  The rate does include photoshop correction of up to16 still images and delivery of all still images from each shoot.

Call Jim at 781-244-5655  to request a quote.  Before contacting Jim, consider making a note of the following:

  • I'll want an address before providing a quote so that I can review surroundings, airspace restrictions etc.

  • Be prepared to explain in detail exactly what you want the aerial photos or aerial video to show.

  • Consider which season would be best for your aerial photography project.

  • Sunny conditions are not mandatory but often result in more appealing photography. When shadows are not in your favor (you want to show the north side of a building for example) overcast days mitigate shadow issues.

  • is now offering aerial video services in the Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire and Maine areas.

Initial rates include Photoshop corrected aerial photos in jpg digital image format on DVD within 3 business days of the shoot, usually sooner. If you require prints, you can make those from the digital files I provide or I can have prints made for you at additional cost.

I deliver Photoshop enhanced and corrected digital images at high resolution. High quality color prints up to 20x30", suitable for framing, can be made from the digital files I provide. Got questions?  Call Jim at the number below.

Aerial Chimney  & Roof InspectionMedia

4K video files used for inspection services will be very large.  Because of that, delivery of 4K video will be via DVD only.  Inspection still images can be delivered via dropbox or DVD.

Call Jim Harrington at
781-244-5655 for details.

Drone Aerial Photography Pricing & Rates

Pricing for drone aerial photography and video services will be determined by the job scope & difficulty, equipment risk, travel time etc. Rates for shooting video will be higher than still only.

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